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Choosing the Best Health Insurance: Allianz, AXA, Cigna, or Manulife

When I decided to stop working and start your own business, one thing that needs to be addressed is the matter of health care costs. How will it be financed? One is taking Health Insurance.

But the problem is, how to choose the Best Health Insurance.

For the purpose of the review was done over bids from four leading insurance company, namely health insurance Allianz, AXA health insurance, health insurance and health insurance Manulife Cigna. All four are quite reputable provider and a network of cooperation hospitals including the most extensive.

Each -masing we see and compare benefits and premiums each other.

Health insurance is insurance that provides reimbursement of medical expenses if the policyholder hospitalized due to disease or accident. The amount of reimbursement according to the number of hospital bills with a certain limit restrictions based insurance plans are taken.

Insurance is an important part in Managing Family Financial.

Different health insurance with critical illness insurance. Critical illness insurance provides cash compensation if they suffer certain critical illnesses. Cash compensation is given one lump-sum.

Before looking at each – each offer, we should first discuss what the ideal criteria. After that, we can determine which health insurance is good.

Best Health Insurance

According to the literature and opinion of financial planners, things – things to consider are:

With cashless, reimbursement becomes easier. When admitted to hospital, you do not need to pay, but fairly complete bill with an insurance card swipe. No need to pay upfront, then they should be reimbursed to the insurance (reimbursement).

However, this requires cashless hospital where you were treated is already cooperating with insurance for hospital should have and put the machine to swipe the insurance card. If not cooperation, although insurers have a system of cashless claim, you are forced to continue to pay upfront and then finish with reimbursements.

Hospital Network Size
Cashless claims can not be done in hospitals that do not have agreements with insurance. Therefore, select the insurance that has a network of cooperation with many hospitals. Make sure you subscribe to the hospital (if any) in cooperation with the health insurance will be selected.

Ceiling and Premium Compatible
Ideally health insurance ceiling selected as desired. If the scheme is taken lower, someday be hospitalized, you have to incur additional costs to cover the shortage are not guaranteed insurance.

Of course, the high ceiling is straight associated with the amount of premium. The more expensive the hospital room, the more expensive the premiums. With the ability to adjust premiums, not even your financial burden. Should be ready for the trade-off between the premium and the ceiling. Although it is often not easy, because of health concerns, such as the selection of the hospital room, the more emotional and tend to want a comfortable and nice, the room rates were expensive implications.

Pure Health Insurance
Choose a stand-alone health insurance, life insurance is not a rider-link unit. Why? Expensive. In unit-linked premiums will be divided for life insurance, investment and new health insurance. Portions for health becomes small, so you have to pay more to get a higher ceiling. Not to mention, a number of pieces of unit-link costs that amount is not small, which further reduces health premiums.

In pure insurance (see Insurance Pure matter what it is here), the premium is intended solely – eye to the insurance cost of health care and cuts costs are also not at cost in unit-link, so it becomes cheaper premiums or the insured amount is higher. If you want proof, compare the sum insured and premium amount between pure health insurance with health insurance are to be part of unit-link.

Prioritize Hospitalization
Health costs include ambulatory and inpatient. Should focus on insurance cover hospitalization costs for this treatment is greatest. If you have more money, could take additional outpatient insurance.

No limit per Treatment
There is a limit or a ceiling that limits the maximum amount of medical expenses claims. Generally, insurance limit applies two types, the first is a combined limit of all treatment and the second is the limit per treatment.

There is no insurance that only uses the first limit, there is only the second limit and some use both simultaneously limit. You should select the insurance that applies first limit, or in other words do not limit the cost per treatment. It means that the policyholder flexible treatment of various treatments for a total limit is still there. Insurance limit with a limit of the first and second limit, of course, most are not ideal.

Auto Debit Note Payment Credit Card
Although it seems to make it easier and usually paid monthly premiums (finished look lighter), please liver – liver perform auto-debit payments by credit card. If forced to use this method because the insurance does not provide an alternative to other payment, make sure you know when repayment begins and how the process if you want to stop.

Avoid Taking Health Insurance via Phone
Bids health insurance through tele-marketing started popping plural. Usually in cooperation with the credit card issuer. Related products are quite complex, such as insurance, should ponder, analysis, and if the time to do some research before making a decision. Therefore, I do not recommend taking a decision as soon as the offer by telemarketing. I had already experienced rapid and brevity of the bidding process, so a lot of detailed information that can not be delivered due to time constraints. If you are indeed interested and need more time to think, can ask the insurance company contact number, which you can later call when it’s ready.

Waiting Period Disease
Requires health insurance waiting period, some diseases can not be claimed for a certain period from the date of expiration of insurance. For example, Cigna set the following diseases can only be claimed to 12 months later, ie asthma; TB (Tuberculosis); kidney stones, urinary tract and bladder; high blood pressure (hypertension), heart and blood vessels; Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus); vertigo; and others. Ask your insurer what enters disease and how long the waiting period.

Searching for the Best

The four were implementing a cashless system, a family health insurance with inpatient facilities and are not part of the unit-link. So for this criterion, everything is pretty good. Let’s look at other criteria.

AXA most ideal for maintenance limit large enough with a limit (the limit is not broken – broken per treatment), while others apply a limit different – different for each treatment. Allianz and Manulife no limit but limit the total per year with a limit per treatment per year. For Manulife, as it gives additional life insurance coverage, we can reduce life insurance coverage that we already have and use the excess premium to increase health insurance premiums. Cigna restrict either with limit per treatment and the total limit. From the ceiling, Cigna is the smallest due to give in the form of cash donations (cash plan), which does not reimburse the cost of hospitalization and doctors’ fees.

The least expensive is Cigna because in addition to the smallest amount of the premiums, the insurance premium as low as it can reach five members of a family (2 parents and 3 children). Meanwhile, other insurance, premiums are more expensive, and even then only for three members of the family (more members, higher premiums). But, again, the premium associated with the benefits.

Network Hospitals
All of them have extensive cooperation.

Select Insurance Where?

Depends. If you do not have insurance, my advice choose between Allianz, AXA or Manulife because they belong to an ideal limit. Meanwhile, if you already have insurance from work and want to add insurance, take my advice Cigna because most economical premiums with coverage that is passable.

The importance of health and the high cost of treatment makes the cost of insurance that protects a critical part of any family’s financial planning. Moreover, if there are no health facilities from work. Be sure to choose the insurance that best suits the needs and abilities, in the heart – the heart. Most do not use the description above as a guide. Welcome to choose!

Manulife: MiUltimate HealthCare, Cashless Health Insurance Claims Change Match

Manulife launched the latest pure health insurance products, namely MiUltimate HealthCare (MiUHC). The health insurance has a number of features that better than insurance – other health insurance.

This is a cashless health insurance to a payment in accordance with the medical bills (as charged) with the annual limit, without inner limit.

Manulife explained that this is the basis of this insurance provides benefits that Benefits Hospitalization and benefits choices of Outpatient Benefits, Dental Care Benefit and Maternity Benefit.

Seniors Sign Parents are 18-70 years old; Children: 6 months – 17 years.
Premium Payment Method: Annual, Semi, Quarterly and Monthly


Health insurance is one of the most sought-after. Moreover, since insurance companies have sprung up, many people in need of health care alternatives.

Hopefully this guide can help you choose the best health insurance.

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