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In some ways, Plotter is reminiscent of Stamped, an app recently acquired by Yahoo and subsequently shut down, which let users mark their favorite venues on a map. However, the map wasn’t the central feature of Stamped and users didn’t have the option to create and share multiple maps of recommendations like they do on Plotter.

Residential or commercial property Investment Business in the UK


A property business handles land and property– generally in home investment. Often a property financial investment business in the UK will deal with purchasing and selling residential or commercial property. Often a property investment company will likewise service and manage residential or commercial property for other individuals, normally for a …

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Life Assurance : Protecting your mortgage


The first time that many of us will think about life assurance is when buying our first home. Many mortgage lenders insist that life cover is taken out when offering a mortgage, to ensure the loan will be repaid if the borrower dies. Even if this is not the case, …

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Home loan Lending For You


Mortgage car loan is the cash that the lender offers to the customer; sometimes these fundings require a guarantee. A home loan is what one obtains as a certification once the property is made use of as a promise for safety and security. There were times when availing home loan …

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