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Brain cancer

Brain cancer is a malignant brain tumor that can spread quickly to other parts of the brain and spine. Please note, not all brain tumors are malignant and can be categorized as cancer. There is also a brain tumor is benign. Benign brain tumors is a set of brain cells that grow slowly and do not spread to other parts.
A brain tumor is a growth of brain cells that are unnatural and uncontrolled. In the brain, tumors can develop from cells that make up the tissues of the brain, the nerves to the brain, and transitions from the protective membrane of the brain and spinal cord (meninges).
According to its origin, brain tumors are divided into two primary and secondary. Primary brain tumor is a tumor that arises in the brain, whereas secondary brain tumor is a tumor originating from other parts of the body but is spreading to the brain.
Most cases of brain cancer is a type of secondary brain cancer, where the cancer originated from the other organs of the body and then spread to the brain. If seen from the level of its development as well as the speed of its spread and growth, brain tumor malignancy is divided into 4 levels, namely:
  • Stage 1 and 2: his benign nature generally.
  • Stage 3 and 4: usually are malignant, and can be referred to as ‘ cancer ‘.
This article specifically discussing a brain tumor stage 3 and 4 (malignant).
Brain cancer sufferers in Indonesia
A brain tumor do not know the age and can infect anyone, including children. According to the data of WHO, by 2012 there are approximately 4900 cases of brain cancer that occurred in Indonesia. If the views of sex, then the person with brain cancer-sex men slightly more than women.
Genetic diseases such as neurofibromatosis (a genetic disease that causes tumors to grow on nerve) can increase the risk of the emergence of a brain tumor. However, the main cause of most brain tumors is unknown.
Symptoms Of Brain Cancer
Brain tumor symptoms vary from one sufferer to sufferer to another depending on the size and the parts of the brain that become infected. The tumor could make the infected area of the brain is not functioning properly and pressing brain tissue causing headaches and seizures.
Here are some common symptoms of a brain tumor:
Excessive fatigue and easy sleepy.
Disorders of vision.
Impaired walking and talking.
Brain Cancer Treatment
Primary brain cancer has three factors that could affect the results of the treatment:
Types of brain cells into tumors.
The location of the tumor in the brain.
The condition and health of the aged sufferer when diagnosed with the tumor.
This disease should be treated as soon as possible, usually with surgery to remove the cancer cells as possible. The healing process can be followed by radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of both. If not immediately performed surgery, cancer could potentially spread and damage parts of the brain and spinal cord, even to other organs.
Whereas in secondary brain cancer, the benefits of treatment only to relieve symptoms and prolong the age of course. Because of the seriousness of the possibility for sufferers to be recovered, especially tumors or cancer that there is already spreading to other body parts.

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